Single Dozen Palestis Betting System

Single Dozen Palestis Betting System

The Palestis strategy is increasing the size of bets.

Following a losing spin, the Palestis system increases bets, similar to a negative progression system such as the Martingale.

After a winning spin, the stakes are reset, and we begin again at the beginning of the series.

Some system variants are a little riskier. The bet increases by one unit after a loss, but remains unchanged after a win.

One version allows the player to increase their bets after a loss or a win.

Palestis vs. Single Dozen Flat Bet

The Palestis Single Dozen plan isn’t the only option for column bettors.

Izak Matatya’s Flat Bet Single Dozen (FBSD) scheme works slightly differently than the Palestis scheme.

The FBSD system detects dominant hundreds on a typical European Roulette table in 카지노사이트. The machine is said to move between hundreds of patterns when it detects them. Furthermore, all bets are predetermined (hence the term “flat bet”), with no progression based on a win or loss.

The FBSD also allows you to sit away from the table in order to assess any trends. In reality, you’ll only need to bet 90% of your spins to keep up with the scheme.

Try the Palestis Single Dozen device for free today.

The Palestis scheme, like all betting schemes, is fraught with danger.

Patterns in roulette can be unpredictable, and because numbers are random, relying on a wheel’s past can be dangerous.

In terms of money management, the Palestis is advantageous.

You’re betting on a large number of numbers in one bet, and if you lose, the stakes just keep rising.

Check it out for free to see if Palestis is a worthwhile strategy.